UFO problems

DasWolfen at aol.com DasWolfen at aol.com
Thu Jun 13 20:21:29 EDT 2002

In a message dated 6/13/02 2:00:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
b.m.benz at prodigy.net writes:

> I don't know about aftermarket rotors, but OE rotors had the actual new
>  runout measurement etched into the mounting surface.
>  Make sure that the hub and rotor interface surfaces are clean.

 Replacement UFO's also have the runout marked.

>  Have you tried the "80/20 warp 'em back straight" technique touted by some
>  on the list?  I'm skeptical about this one working, but have never had a
>  reason to try it.

 Works, thank god or I'd be replacing UFO's about twice a month. Works on
conventional rotors too.

>  Here is another technique that I've used sucessfully on a 5K and other cars
>  with badly warped rotors.  Shim them true.  If you can quantify the high
>  low points of the runout and the total runout with the dial indicator, you
>  can calculate and cut paper shims of the approperate thicknesses for 3 or 4
>  of the bolt holes, install and remeasure.  Maybe a little more work on UFOs
>  than conv rotors, but you can get them dead on if persistant.

 Ok, I have to ask........once you've accomplished the primary task of
getting the rotor to run true how do you deal with the wheel that doesnt.


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