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Well, based on what I paid a year and half ago for my Avant, you got a very
good price. I think others will agree, that is a good price. My car also got
a max of 1.7 bar (most of the time 1.6). Correct test, IIRC, is third gear,
2000RPM, and floor it. Since purchased, I have installed new distributor
(with metal drive gear), Turbo bypass valve among other things. IA stage
III+ ECU and now it really hauls!!! 1.8 bar with new chip should translate
to about 22# boost. Good luck with your new car.

91 200TQA 100k miles
94 UrS4 150k miles

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Hello All,

about the value of the 20v's - did I get a fair price given that I will need
to start replacing aging parts?   The car is completely stock (incl
ufo's)and was owned by two prior owners and seems to be in excellent shape
except for some minor cosmetic wear and tear (eg. a burn hole in drivers
seat from heating element).  There are no service records but the timing
belt was done at 83k.  The car is a joy to drive.

Also I have am having difficulty in testing if full boost is produced.  The
display shows 1.6 under full throttle but too quickly I am approaching 80
and exceeding it.  Should boost be produced more quickly?  How would I get
to see 1.8?  Triple digits when the wife is not in the car? These cars do
not have overboost, correct?

Overall, I am thrilled with finally experiencing the fabled 20v turbo motor.


Rakesh Brennig

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