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Thu Jun 13 22:45:23 EDT 2002

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Based on my experience & yours, I'd have to say that rear diff seal
failure/leakage might be considered common as I am right in the midst of
replacing my driveshaft input seal (not half-shaft output seal..) - on an
Avant w/ 79k.  The seal-swelling, magic-in-a-can additive/method had no
effect despite 2 applications/attempts using different products.  Has anyone
else out there had these seal failures?  I queried the list several months
ago and received no affirmative responses..   just wondering as the D/S seal
is a major PITA to get to/do & would think somebody else had been through it.

<There is a leak coming from the Right Rear differential seal.  Is this a
common seal failure or a sign of internal wear that could cost big bucks?>

Good Luck..

Chris Hemberger
Hebron, CT

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