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>Hello All,
>This is my first posting but I have been lurking and truely enjoying members
>posting for a little while.  Recently I bought a 1991 200 20v from NM and
>brought it up to Boulder, Colorado.  This is my third Audi in 2 yrs..  I had
>a 90 quattro (sold to father), a 200 10v avant (for sale) and now this car
>with 86k miles.  I have a couple of questions for the list:
>My wife is wondering why there is such a turnover of vehicles and I respond
>that this is the 3b engine and that the 91 200 is a real sleeper and it
>'only cost 6700'.

..........I am envious of your bargain. You have a rare $40,000 car that
runs almost like new. For a few more thousand, it WILL be like new.

>   None of this has impressed her and she counters that I have
>pumped money into each of the prior Audi's.  I want to check with the list
>about the value of the 20v's - did I get a fair price given that I will need
>to start replacing aging parts?

...............better than fair, with that mileage.

>    The car is completely stock (incl
>ufo's)and was owned by two prior owners and seems to be in excellent shape
>except for some minor cosmetic wear and tear (eg. a burn hole in drivers
>seat from heating element).  There are no service records but the timing
>belt was done at 83k.  The car is a joy to drive.

.........and it always will be a joy to drive.

>Also I am having difficulty in testing if full boost is produced.  The
>display shows 1.6 under full throttle but too quickly I am approaching 80
>and exceeding it.  Should boost be produced more quickly?  How would I get
>to see 1.8?

...................keep it under full throttle in a lower gear, like
second. You could even apply a load by pressing on the brake while reving
it up in second. Do it on a flat road with no traffic. That way, your wife
will appreciate not having to come collect you from the
jail.              Doyt Echelberger

Triple digits when the wife is not in the car? These cars do
>not have overboost, correct?
>Overall, I am thrilled with finally experiencing the fabled 20v turbo motor.
>Rakesh Brennig
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