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>Well, based on what I paid a year and half ago for my Avant, you got a very
>good price. I think others will agree, that is a good price. My car also got
>a max of 1.7 bar (most of the time 1.6). Correct test, IIRC, is third gear,
>2000RPM, and floor it.

No, no according to the Bentley it's done in fourth gear-4th, 4th,

Everyone seems to have a tough time remembering that the "standard"
boost test is done using 4th gear. The official maximum is then the
boost reached at 3K.

Maybe I'm able to remember 4th gear because I'm unable to recall most
_other_ numbers involved with the care and feeding of this car. For
example: every oil change I need to look up the tightening torque for
the oil drain plug. :-(


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