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Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Jun 14 02:29:23 EDT 2002

At 7:48 PM -0400 6/13/02, Chris Covington wrote:
>Guys, I'm just busting Bernie's balls at his own game, that's all.. I
>wasn't really serious.  My car came with G60s (they had just been swapped
>out from worn UFO pads, rotors and worn struts), and I haven't been too
>disappointed.  You all must just absolutely hate S4/S6/later V8s with
>their heavier weights and the same size rotors, pads and G60s.  So don't
>mind my huge piece of shit 200q20v with stock everything except G60s and
>an IA3 chip.

I knew exactly what you were doing, Chris--more power to you! :-)

I've lost patience with  his repetitive (and sometimes insulting)
"game", and recently I have installed an email filter that trashes
the posts  from a certain lister when they include the text, "if it
ain't broke...". That phrase can--on occasion--be useful and
appropriate, but IMHO it's been run into the ground on this list in
order to derogate others and to promote a style of automobile
maintenance that could sometimes be characterized as "penny wise and
pound foolish." It's not that I can't appreciate a "mend it rather
than replace it" approach, as I'm an oldtimer who often (too often
says my wife) takes great satisfaction in "making do" by
patching/repairing items in order to extend their useful lifetime.
Sometimes it's great to be able to do those things simply for the
challenge they represent, but especially when you can't afford to buy
replacements or when they're are not readily available. Otherwise,
there's a great lesson I always _try_ to keep in mind:

  When all is said and done in life, it is your _time_ that eventually
runs out, _not_ your money.

Yes, listers' wallets surely have different "thicknesses"--some a lot
fatter than others--thus contributing to the different ratios we set
for our priorities of time vs money. It would behoove us all to
respect (not deride) those differences, while attempting to share our
knowledge and experience.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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