ecu swap - boost problems

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Jun 14 10:38:42 EDT 2002

At 5:38 PM -0600 6/13/02, Charles Baer wrote:

>I found an eye-hole in the little shorty hose that connects the
>crankcase pressure valve to the intake system.

The crankcase hose that runs from the 90 degree valve down to near
the turbo?  Hmm.

>   Up to 10 lbs
>nothing, then all hell breaks loose and it blows open to dump all
>of the pressure.

If that was the problem, I'd have all sorts of stumbling, I would
think.  This is almost 100% smooth; boost doesn't build very slowly,
but once power finishes building, it's very smooth.

I could swear I heard the ECU hose going "PSSSSSSSH!" under boost
last night...I'm convinced it is a decent sized vacuum leak and it'll
be fixed this weekend provided I find the proper size replacement
hose.  If it isn't messing up the gauge readings/ECU pressure sensor,
it is causing a metered air leak and should be fixed anyway.

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