ecu swap - boost problems

Charles Baer charlie at
Fri Jun 14 10:08:30 EDT 2002

My screw up, the comment should have gone to Dan.  My mind was likely
wondering what the Boulder police were going to steal from my house
next after they took my '83 urQ the day before.

Dan said he was getting 20 PSI normally, with sharp cutbacks to 7psi.
That is very similar to what the little hole next to the pressure
valve does on my sedan.  It did make a LARGE noise when it opened, so
the MAF hose pressurizer tester made identification easy.

Dan also muttered some oath about going to the Subie dealer, sounds
like he's in need of immediate moral/technical support here....

or were you REALLY kidding, Mistah Simoes?


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> At 5:38 PM -0600 6/13/02, Charles Baer wrote:
> >I found an eye-hole in the little shorty hose that connects the
> >crankcase pressure valve to the intake system.
> The crankcase hose that runs from the 90 degree valve down to near
> the turbo?  Hmm.
> >   Up to 10 lbs
> >nothing, then all hell breaks loose and it blows open to dump all
> >of the pressure.
> If that was the problem, I'd have all sorts of stumbling, I would
> think.  This is almost 100% smooth; boost doesn't build very slowly,
> but once power finishes building, it's very smooth.
> I could swear I heard the ECU hose going "PSSSSSSSH!" under boost
> last night...I'm convinced it is a decent sized vacuum leak and it'll
> be fixed this weekend provided I find the proper size replacement
> hose.  If it isn't messing up the gauge readings/ECU pressure sensor,
> it is causing a metered air leak and should be fixed anyway.
> Brett
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