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Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Jun 14 12:36:59 EDT 2002

At 7:35 AM -0400 6/14/02, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>At 11:54 PM 06/13/2002 -0400, Dan Simoes wrote:
>>Price/performance.  Tire Rack does not sell a non-all-season performance
>>tire in the stock size.  For $54, I get Z rated sticky rubber.  As long as
>>it fits, it should be great.  Speedo error is minimal.
>Really good price.  I paid Tire Rack $61 each last week for Yokohama AVS
>Intermediates in 215/60-15.  (Got to their website off the
>banner, so you should get a little "commission", Dan).  They called me a
>couple days after I placed the order and said they'd have to come from a
>more distant warehouse because the closer one I picked didn't have any left
>and probably wouldn't get any more as the tire supposedly is being

Thanks for the tip Dan. A few moments ago I ordered a set of these
tires via the Tire Rack banner on the site. Actually my
current tires (Firestone SZ50es) look like they won't go much beyond
next month's WG track event, so I'll be needing new summer tires very
soon. I really like those Firestones but--at less than 1/2 the
price--the AVS Intermediates ought to be worth a try.

P.S. As I write this, the phone rings. It's a guy from Tire Rack
saying "Do you I really want the 225/60-15 size for your 1991 Audi."

"Yep, I'm running that size right now," I replied.


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