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Fri Jun 14 13:56:44 EDT 2002

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I think I saw your car on ebay... is that where you got it?  Looked like a
nice one, with pretty low mileage.  I just recently purchased mine from a guy
in PA.  I was able to get it for $5k.  I thought that was unreal.  It's pearl
with the black sport interior.  Mine was already changed to G60's.  He
couldn't sell it there... it had 124k on it.  I've put in Konis, kept the
stock springs, had Steve E chip it.  It really is a great car... can't say
enough about what the Konis did for the car.  I also put 17x8's with 235/45s
on it.  I have an RS2 manifold sitting on a shelf in the garage with an RS2
hybrid turbo just waiting for me to have time...

Boost... I also live in Colorado, and I think what you will most often see is
1.6 at these altitudes.  This will just be in the lower rpm range, as the
computer will back off the boost as engine speeds increase.

Hope you enjoy your as much as I do mine!


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