boost problems

Vincenzo Basile Bleaf1 at
Fri Jun 14 19:52:09 EDT 2002

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Hi list
well brought my car to a new garage to try to figure out boost problem ever=
 since I bought the IA III+ ecu.the mechanic said my distributor is alighni=
ed properly  ,pulled the codes only thing that came up was 1247 wich he sai=
d was a evap. canister purge valve and said the plugs were a little dirty ,=
well I ordered the new plugs (at a great price I think $11.30 for the f5dpo=
r ).Whats happening is when in higher gears and you step on it, the car mak=
es full boost but then stumbles(cuts out) then reboosts ,is he right could =
this problem be because of the purge valve? also these plugs when should th=
ey be replaced, if it were the plugs why wouldn't the car have done what it=
s doing before the ECU upgrade?


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