Local Story on VCHC

maximum at weetamoo.com maximum at weetamoo.com
Sun Jun 16 16:30:05 EDT 2002

I thought that it seemed like an odd comment, but the article also
mentioned an "International" Audi organization that doesn't exist
at least in this context....so the police may have been mis-quoted
as well.

The "filth?"  Not appropriate my good man.


On Sun, 16 June 2002, "Johnny Alpha" wrote

> "Neither of them was wearing seatbelts, but because they weren't thrown from
> the vehicle, it appears seatbelts would not have helped protect the victims,
> according to the Nevada Highway Patrol."
> ....Jeez, I thought the 'filth' in the UK were an uneducated and opinionated
> bunch of dim-wits, but these guys really take the biscuit.
> J.A.
> S2, Procon-ten

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