boost problems

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Yes, it could by the spark plugs, because the increased boost puts
additional loads on the plugs which can cause the failure especially at the
higher boosts.  I found the need to do a complete tune-up after adding my
chip because problems that were minimal suddenly surfaced as serious
weaknesses.  As for the purge valve, if it is intermittent, then that is
also a possible source.  Will act like an intermittent vacuum leak.

Dave Freed  '93 S4, '91 200 TQA

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Hi list

well brought my car to a new garage to try to figure out boost problem ever=
since I bought the IA III+ ecu.  The mechanic said my distributor is aligned
properly, pulled the codes only thing that came up was 1247 which he said
was a evap. canister purge valve and said the plugs were a little dirty ,=
well I ordered the new plugs (at a great price I think $11.30 for the f5dpor
).  What's happening is when in higher gears and you step on it, the car
makes full boost but then stumbles(cuts out) then reboosts, is he right
could = this problem be because of the purge valve? also these plugs when
should they be replaced, if it were the plugs why wouldn't the car have done
what it= s doing before the ECU upgrade?

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