Post Chip Check Engine Light

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O2 sensor is very possibly failing under the additional boost.  I highly
recommend a complete tune-up to anyone who adds a chip (plugs, OXS, filters,
wires, etc, even boost hoses).  The additional power demands that everything
else be working properly or it will stumble. BTDT.  After all that is done
then you can look for other problems.  IA, Hoppen and others have all had
cases where the computer program kicks "Check Engine" codes that require a
replacement set of chips but these are the exception rather than the rule
and require all other parts be 100%.  You can also have a mechanic use a VAG
tool to clear all codes and memory before calling IA.  Good luck, the extra
power is worth the work !

Dave Freed  '93 S4, '91 200 TQA

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Subject: Post Chip Check Engine Light

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Hello All,

I just installed my newly IA chipped ECU and took my car for a spin; the car
runs great and there is definitely a power improvement.  I got about 2 miles
before the Check Engine light came on.  VAG-COM reports an oxygen sensor
problem.  I cleared the faults, but the light was back within a few miles.
The OXS is of unknown age and condition, but the light has not been on
before.  Is the new chip and resulting changes to the turbo and air/fuel
programs too much for an older OXS?  Comments? Thanks.


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