AutoX and tire impressions

TM t44tq at
Mon Jun 17 11:47:00 EDT 2002

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Next time, you drive _your_ car, not the S4. ;-)

I had a good time, too.

Now for some tire impressions- I was rather surprised that my new
Sumitomo HTR-ZII actually worked
fairly well- I experienced less tire wear than Dave w/ his Bridgestone
Potenza S-03, which started to chunk
at the shoulders even at 50psi.

The tires stick okay, pretty progressive feel and plenty of warning as
you reach the limit. I never experienced
any nasty surprises w/ these tires in the dry. It's difficult to say
whether they are the equal of my old AVS Sports,
as I went up in tire width from 225 to 255, although I still think the
AVS Sport compound is much better, at
the expense of tire wear. They give a sliding feel when pushed while the
AVS Sport just sticks. In that regard,
I am reminded more of my old SP9000. Maybe next time, I'll take a spin
on Dave's S-03s to see how they feel.


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