Tracking the elusive boost leak...

John and Barbara Mallick mallick at
Mon Jun 17 07:57:32 EDT 2002

I've been looking for a subtle boost leak (sort of like what Brett
described...same guage reading while coasting or idling, boost builds
slowly, but smoothly) for quite  a while.  Well, I found it this weekend.
It turned out to be a crack in the green hard vacuum line that runs to  the
ECU.  The crack occurred where the line ran behind a bracket holding the
brake lines along the firewall.  Not sure how long it has been like that.
Depending upon which way the line flexed, the crack went from almost sealed
to wide open.  Cut and patched with some rubber vacuum hose, and all is well
now...proper behavior at idle/coast, and the boost comes up to 1.8 smoothly,
without coaxing now.

And I did follow the converse of Bernie's was broke, so I fixed
it. :-)

John Mallick
200q20v 147K

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