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Mon Jun 17 12:48:27 EDT 2002


I was looking at the same issue a while ago, though I haven't gotten around
to replacing the mounts.  Below is a "conversation" I had with Les
concerning his adventures in the same.  I think you'll find it helpful in
your situation.


>From: "Reid, Les C." <Les.Reid at>
>To: "'Derek Pulvino'" <dbpulvino at>
>Subject: RE: motor mounts
>Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 09:38:35 -0600
>Hey Derek,
>Well, I did get the mounts on this weekend.
>Body now sore and hands scuffed.
>You were right about the passenger side mount being a PIA.
>I ended up taking out the air breather/filter box.  Once this box was out I
>could access the screws that hold the heat shield on. Once the heat shield
>was out then no problem.
>It would have saved me at least 45 min if I would have known exactly what
>remove (lots of head scratching time).  I initially thought the heat shield
>was riveted in place so I was planning on getting out the dremil tool and
>cut my way in.  Was pleased to see the 8mm hex screws holding the shield
>I think it took me 4-5hrs for all the mounts.
>The old mounts did not look as bad as I expected however the car seems to
>over bumps with a more solid feel.
>The transmission mounts were on their last leg but still in tact.  The
>passenger side trans mount was also harder to change due to limited access
>(just had to get the right combination of wrenches).  I need to get a set
>really short wrenches or by a cheep set and cut them in half.
>Your right about CV boots.  I replaced my front wheel bearings last year so
>I did the boots at the same time.
>The main reason I changed the mounts was in hopes to improve the shifting.
>Ever since I bought this car it has not had very smooth  shifting.  I was
>hoping the mount replacement would make it better, however no change.  The
>previous owner had just replaced the trany and clutch I am now thinking
>did not adjust the shift rods properly.
>I may take the car to the shop to get this adjustment done.  Just wanted to
>get the mounts up to snuff prior to paying for this adjustment.
>How does your car shift?  Especially 1st&2nd  How slow do you have to go
>before down-shifting to 1st?
>I better get back to work.
>Thanks for your input

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Subject: [s-cars] >From: "Reid, Les C." <Les.Reid at>


Can someone who has replaced their passenger side mount with removing the
turbo or manifold share their experience?



Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 200 20v TQW indigo mica
1991 200 20v TQW titanium grey
Chelmsford, MA USA
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