"Bucking" around

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Jun 18 10:03:09 EDT 2002

At 05:59 PM 06/17/2002 -0700, Neil Vonhof wrote:
>  Is there a tried
>and true way to get that hose fully on (and maybe clamped) so that it stays

I've not addressed this problem specifically, but I have seemingly
impossible hose/nipple connections using a lubricant on the ID of the
hose.  I've used wax products (beeswax and parafin), soaps and even saliva
to get hoses to move over plastic and metal nipples.  As far as the
clamping goes, this may be one of those places where a sturdy zip-tie
should supply all the grip you need.

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