"Bucking" around

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Jun 18 10:09:01 EDT 2002

Water worked for mine, swab the inside of the hose w/ a small
whatever and the fitting, the cram it on.

I have a pile of two sizes of the springy squeeze clamps, the
smaller of the two didn't clamp tight enough on the hose when
used at the back of the IM to keep me from spinning it.  I may
not have the smaller sizes but I seems to thinks it was 1/4".


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> From: Neil Vonhof [mailto:nhvonhof at attbi.com]
> I replaced the TBV about a year and a half ago also, and
> noticed then how
> hard it was to get that hose securely on to the nipple and
> never really felt
> sure that it would stay. This time I got it on further than
> ever before, but
> I really had to reef on it hard to get it to move over the
> flange on the
> nipple, barely far enough to put a clamp on it even if I
> wanted to or had
> one.
> So the question I have is how do you guys deal with this? Is
> there a tried
> and true way to get that hose fully on (and maybe clamped) so
> that it stays
> put? I am using the stock vac. hose which I have thoroughly
> inspected and
> found to be in good shape. I know about the idea of replacing
> and re-routing
> the hose away from it's normal path - away from the heat, but
> my hose is in
> good condition so I have yet to have the need to do that. Is
> there hose
> around with a slightly larger inside diameter that would more
> easily slide
> on and then use a clamp?
> Wada ya think?

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