In the throws of gauge woes

Brian Link brianl at
Tue Jun 18 12:22:09 EDT 2002

Follow The wires from your O2 sensor, the signal wire goes to a connector
mounted on the passenger side fire wall.  There is about four connectors
mounted in a column.  the o2 signal wire is the lowest or second to the
lowest connector.

As for the boost gauge plumbing, I ran the tubing down my a-pillar (both my
gauges are on my a-pillar), under the dash to a existing grommet, that has
multiple vacant places to pass a wire through the firewall. then I
installed a Tee to the back of the manifold to connect the other end.  I
can take a few pictures if you need to see it.

I have a suggestion,  put a switch on the Airfuel gauge, so you don't have
to see the blinking light show all the time.

Brian Link
Boulder, CO

>From: Zoot531 at
>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 01:37:06 EDT
>Subject: In the throws of gauge woes
vTo: 200q20v at
  >I know this is a somewhat belabored topic in this forum, but i hope that
>you can once again provide me with some sagelike advice.  I'm currently in
>the process of installing an autometer boost gauge (because i am sick of
>digital dash display) and an A-F meter of the same brand (mostly because
>looks cool and i got it for free, but also because it is
>informative...kindof)  anyway, these gauges are to be mounted in the
>column cover ala Jim Green (
>i have the electrical wiring figured out for the most part, but what i am
>curious about is A: if the sensor just after the turbo with the 3 wires
>coming from it is infact the Oxygen sensor, if so, where and how would i
>connect the A-F wire to one of these wires to send signal to the gauge,
>B: how on earth do i get the boost line for the turbo gauge from the
>column discretely to either the pressure line going into the ecu or
>under the hood.  As always, TIA.

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