Yet other 20vt conversion questions, 3B engine mods

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Wed Jun 19 00:10:53 EDT 2002

Fellow listers,

I'll be having pretty soon for my 3B engine a pair of brand-new Abt sport
camshafts - intake and exhaust - (if anyone's interested in these, I can
have them for pretty cheap) but I'd like to know wether I'll need to have
my ECU modified (it's already modified for 282 HP actually) for these cams
or not...Some people tend to say that the ECU has to be reworked in order
to take all advantage of the cams, but is there any danger in running these
cams with my modded chips? I'm also planning to port the turbine housings a
little to be able to run some more boost (am I right?), anyone has already
done that on a K24 and if yes, what are the results?

Thanks for your help and answers in advance,


'85 Coupe quattro, due for a 20vt conversion for this summer, as well as
new shocks, Eibach springs and lots of other mods including Porsche brakes
in the front
'90 200q20v 20vt donor, at the moment with a broken distributor gear :(((

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