Do any of you know about this?

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> Each to his own, I suppose...but one of the most striking things
>  about the type 44 is the large amount of chrome.  Particularly on
>  dark colored cars, it  Blacked out chrome trim, to me,
>  looks pretty bad.  I never understood the whole
>  paint-the-chrome-black trend(particularly with the front grille.
>  Same thing for the "sport" grilles which are actually MORE
>  restrictive than the stock slatted version.)
>  Oh well.  Like I said, each to his own...

 I agree partially, on a dark car the chrome perfectly accents the body
lines, on a lite car the chrome takes a bit away from the black accents. JMO

 The original purpose of mesh grills wasnt airflow, its a protection item,
for the car its on as well as the other cars on the track. Plastic shatters
under impact producing radiator and tire killing debris.


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