Painting polished stainless steel

George Sidman sidman at
Tue Jun 18 18:54:50 EDT 2002

In years past I painted polished stainless with the following method:

First treat the stainless with a coat of Ospho and let sit over night.
Then wipe off the Ospho with a clean cotton rag, and tack cloth.
Lay down a mist coat of zinc chromate primer.
When it tacks, lay on a mist coat of universal primer (to bridge to
Then put on lacquer primer and paint.

I put this finish on pre-war Bentley engine parts in 1972, and saw the
car twenty years later. The finish was still perfect.

This method came from the PPG paint manual. You might visit your local
auto professional paint store and see if this painter's guide is still
available. It is chock full of coating methods for difficult

Good luck.............

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