Distributor and Rear Caliper pix

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Tue Jun 18 22:52:52 EDT 2002


Appears to be a green oring - how can I tell the difference between Nitrile or Viton?


At 11:02 AM 6/18/2002 -0700, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>Where you able to figure anything further out about an oil seal in the
>distributor?  IE is it felt as assumed, or actually a rubber o-ring?
>Anybody else have a definitive answer on this?
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>Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:23:44 -0400
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>From: Peter Schulz <peschulz at cisco.com>
>Subject: Distributor and Rear Caliper pix
>I threw together a quick webage to show some pix of the 200 distributor -
>plastic geared version along side the metal geared version.
>I also included pix of a rear caliper rebuild.
>More to follow, including R&R writeups.
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