Do any of you know about this/ blacked out trim

Joshua C smuckycat at
Wed Jun 19 10:14:53 EDT 2002

I blacked out all the chrome trim on my Avant that I could cover with 2"
blackout tape (from autozone).  It didn't take too long and worked well,
plus you can peel it off if you screw up.  But...the tape isn't wide enough
to cleanly cover the bumper trim, I plan on trying this myself, from a body
shop that sells the vinyl striping (like the racing stripes down the hoods
of many tarted up hondas)  you can get wide long pieces, I think you could
do this with some satisfaction...but since you have to remove the trim
regardless to do a decent looking job, if you don't like the outcome remove
the vinyl and move on to more permant solutions.  I have seen colored bumper
paint in Napa and Autozone, no experience with it, but I have used the truck
liner on my rocker panels and they look like new, it is fairly smooth but
not paint like, more like a melted wax apperance(although that is on primed
metal).  I think if you used thin coats it would be faily smooth,  just
allow at least a day for the stuff to dry otherwise EVERY piece of sand
/road debris will embed it self in the coating, the inside is wet for a
while after it stops appearing tacky.  In my opinion I would go to a scrap
yard and get a piece of plastic chrome trim and see if it sticks.

Let us know how the black out goes
91 200 20v Avant
Alfa Romeo GTV

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