'Dis Ride is so baaad.... (Eibach/Bilstein Install)

maximum at weetamoo.com maximum at weetamoo.com
Wed Jun 19 07:52:08 EDT 2002

Put the wagon on Bilstein "Sports" and Eibachs yesterday with the overly
generous help of one Peter Schulz (the only thing I'm not sure this guy
can do is fish ... I'll take him fishing on my runabout later this summer
and publish my findings).  Thanks Peter!

It was an all day job. The rear struts were a lot easier than the front and
we short cut the front spring removal which may or may not have been a good
idea without removing the strut or undoing the sway bar. Even after 11 years
the rears were ugly but not too, too bad...just not real pretty. Car spent
half its life in Vermont according to Car Fax on it.  The rear is pretty low
so I may drop in some spring spacers from Eibach; and the front doesn't look
like it dropped much at all but for me it's all about handling and not the look
so much. The handling is pretty great for a boat of its loa and beam. It's not the
"comfy-cushy" ride it was but it's not bad, and now there's little brake dive
and much, much less roll at the rudder.  The car pretty much does exactly what
it is asked to do without the Lincoln-esque on the fly calculations about the
actual attitude and location of the rig at track out points on your local off-ramp
(substitute poosh for loose when doing the Town Car comparo).

Brakes are in good shape, but still considering a rear anchor launcher a la
007.  Short of downriggers a properly located Danforth launcher is about the
best option I can think of.

Note to Dan Simoes: please solve your (my) boost problem as soon as possible;
this futzing around is beginning to get old ;-) (an icy cold Tuckermans awaits).

Again, thanks to Peter for a full day of hands on wrenching.  I know payback is
coming, but you're the balls.  I only received the parts on Christmas a year and
a half ago (how nice a wife is that gents?).

Royal aka 20RoT

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