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>My money is on the distributor.  How hard is this guy to replace?  I
>know it's tight back there with all the wires and crap, is it just one
>bolt holding the distributor in place?

Unfortunately there's a safety plate over the distributor retaining
plate... you have to take a chisel and a hammer and destroy it to be able
to have access to the distributor's retaining plate's 13mm nut. And that
nut is tough to get off too, as you can only proceed by 1/8th of a turn at
one time. Phil Payne told me when I removed my 200's distributor that there
was no other way than to pull the IM, but hopefully with a long enough
chisel you'll be done in about 20 minutes, YMMV depending on your fingers'
and hands' size :-)))



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