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Replaced the distributor in the Titan grey wagon this past weekend.

Existing rotor was incorrect (standard Bosch I5 rotor)...the distributor itself had the anti tamper bolt removed so it is probably NOT original.
I decided to pull it anyway to see whether it had a metal or plastic drive gear.

Set piston #1 to TDC - (pull plug. put straw or a dowel into the cylinder.
remove the bumper, lowered the secondary radiator, used a socket and wrench to rotate the engine (clockwise as you face it) until the #1 cylinder had the straw at it's highest point and the flywheel hash mark and zero showed in the "window" - noted position of the dist rotor and the cut out on the dist body.

One way to approach removal (per Bentley) is to remove the intake manifold which WILL give you alot more room and access to both the anti tamper and the distributor mounting bolt..

Since it was already removed I took the next approach - remove cap and plug wires, use a stubby 13 mm combination box/open ended wrench to loosen and remove the bolt holding the dist mounting yoke.

It was a pain to hold the new distributor body in place with the rotor while tightening the bolt during reinstallation
As I am still in the process of doing other work I don't know whether I was "dead on" in positioning the rotor/distributor.

pix of plastic geared and metal geared distributor side by side (plus mounting yoke) at:

has anyone been able to not remove the manifold and still remove the anti tamper bolt?  need to know for the Indigo wagon...


Dan said:

At 10:34 AM 6/19/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>My money is on the distributor.  How hard is this guy to replace?  I
>know it's tight back there with all the wires and crap, is it just one
>bolt holding the distributor in place?

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