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At 5:10 PM +0200 6/19/02, Claus Vegener wrote:
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>I have not followd you all the way -
>Have you checked hose-fittings and IC endcaps with
>airpressure on the system?
>High pressure released under an untight wormgear
>at 1.6 Bar and then building up again ...
>With an anologous boost meter you would like'ly se some flutter when
>this happen.
>You need the meter anyhow so install it before you spoil your rotor.

With my analog boost gauge I see some high-freq. flutter--i.e., the
needle "blurs" over a range of +/- 0.5 psi --but only while
maintaining max boost of about 17 psi. I've been assuming that just
indicates normal operation of the wgfv. Are you referring to another
sort of flutter (slower)?


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