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I have seen it without use of wgfv too at max boost
(using a spring load to 2.5 Bar) and when this happens
normaly found a minor leak - or a bigger some days later.
Wormgears around rubber hoses make an elastick tightning. At one point the break through starts and
when the pressuer are released it seals again -- I think.
I have had 2.7 Bar without flutter.
I  T-on my gauge just before the gasolin trap.
I have had 10 psi flutter / 1 sec = lose wormgear
I have had +/- 0.5 psi 3 times/sec for smal leaks close to
idle system

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> >I have not followd you all the way -
> >Have you checked hose-fittings and IC endcaps with
> >airpressure on the system?
> >High pressure released under an untight wormgear
> >at 1.6 Bar and then building up again ...
> >With an anologous boost meter you would like'ly se some flutter when
> >this happen.
> >You need the meter anyhow so install it before you spoil your rotor.
> With my analog boost gauge I see some high-freq. flutter--i.e., the
> needle "blurs" over a range of +/- 0.5 psi --but only while
> maintaining max boost of about 17 psi. I've been assuming that just
> indicates normal operation of the wgfv. Are you referring to another
> sort of flutter (slower)?
> Phil
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