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Instead of using the chisel method I just pealed the cover back to gain access to that one bolt holding down the distributor.
Make not of everything so you don't need to time it again.
I replaced mine fairly quick, just some bruised ribs from leaning on the engine to reach the bolt.

But worth the work, cause THEN CAME FULL BOOST.


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> At 10:34 19/06/2002 -0400, you wrote:
> >My money is on the distributor.  How hard is this guy to replace?  I
> >know it's tight back there with all the wires and crap, is it just one
> >bolt holding the distributor in place?
> Unfortunately there's a safety plate over the distributor retaining
> plate... you have to take a chisel and a hammer and destroy it to be able
> to have access to the distributor's retaining plate's 13mm nut. And that
> nut is tough to get off too, as you can only proceed by 1/8th of a turn at
> one time. Phil Payne told me when I removed my 200's distributor that there
> was no other way than to pull the IM, but hopefully with a long enough
> chisel you'll be done in about 20 minutes, YMMV depending on your fingers'
> and hands' size :-)))
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