Boost or Aye Capt'n we sprung a leak....

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Wed Jun 19 12:36:37 EDT 2002

I share this despite the fact that it may make me look slightly more
foolish than usual.  Looking under the hood for the 500th time I noticed
a not so light film of oil around the IC pipe where it mounts to the IC
on the driver's side.  Being exasperated at this point I decided to have
at it.  I pulled the bumper and lowered the radiator to access the pipe
and I see that the pipe is not fully inserted into the IC.  There's a big
lip on the pipe that should be flush with the opening of the IC.  This lip
was about 3/4-1" lower than it should have been and I'm not even sure that
at this level that the steel pipe would even meet with the large O-ring
inside the IC itself.  I'm supposing that the film of oil on the outside is
an indicator that at least at some point that I am (was) getting blowby
and losing boost when pressure was up.  The O-ring looks good, but I'm
replacing it tomorrow (provided the part comes in) and replacing all the
clamps and 10mm nuts that held the radiator in place. I'm not so worried
about the oil film as I believe that a little bit of this is normal.  It
looks bad because of all the dirt stuck to the oil film but it's not excessive.
This whole procedure took all of 45 minutes BTW including the removal of the
Hella 550's mounted below the bumper.

I'd sure like to hear what some of you guys think of my supposition or if
you've had a like experience.  Crossing my fingers.

Royal aka 20RoT

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