Boost or Aye Capt'n we sprung a leak....

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Jun 19 16:25:22 EDT 2002

At 11:36 AM -0700 6/19/02, maximum at wrote:

>I'm not so worried
>about the oil film as I believe that a little bit of this is normal.  It
>looks bad because of all the dirt stuck to the oil film but it's not

This joint is notorious for leaking...but not very much.  You're on
the money...the oil just accumulates slightly over time and builds up
a lot of dirt thanks to its front and center location.

I think Scotty J told me he chopped off enough plastic to give him
something to attach a large truck radiator hose to, used that to join
the metal pipe and IC.  He also said PB Blaster can be used to cause
the oring to swell; heck, maybe just substituting an ever so slightly
thicker o-ring would do it.

It is a rather clownish setup; Audi could have saved a whole lot of
trouble by simply using a regular, thick hose to connect the two, but
that would make sense(and it would be another hose to fail I guess.)

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