Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Wed Jun 19 16:44:29 EDT 2002

At 03:33 PM 6/19/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>>Replaced the distributor in the Titan grey wagon this past weekend.
>What was the reason for replacement?  Just curious...noise?  Broke?

I was troubleshooting a misfire on the wagon -
#5 plug wire arced to the manifold (doh!)

removed plug wires (stiff)
removed cap ( worn)

Distributor had been clearly replaced (anti tamper removed)

Distributor  had wrong rotor (worn)

My choices were to :
a. assume that since it appeared to be replaced, leave it, crush the rotor and install and glue the new correct rotor ...
b. pull the Distributor , MAKE sure that it had a metal gear, then replace the rotor.

Since it turned out that the Distributor had a plastic gear, I'm glad I pulled it .

Now to await the GB on the metal gears and then install it on the other wagon


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