Boost or Aye Capt'n we sprung a leak....

Peter Schulz peschulz at
Wed Jun 19 18:27:48 EDT 2002


Do you live in a hermetically sealed environment?

The springs and struts that we took off Paul's wagon look as if they spent the last 5 years at the bottom of the ocean ( or duty as anchors)
Almost would make me consider replacing serviceable fasteners with stainless, if strength/cost was not an issue


At 02:14 PM 6/19/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Just had the cross pipe and aux rad out.  No problems with the piping or
>hose clamps.  Reused all fastners and clamps (you know why).  Dug and washed
>about a pound of sand from the cold side of the aux rad and straightened
>fins.  If anyone on the West Coast needs to borrow my versions of the
>vibration damper fixing tool or the TB idler puller, let me know.  I
>The TB idler bearing was a little noisy so disassembled the pulley and
>relubed the bearing, all is quiet now.
>I didn't pick up on your supposition, but mine is that your problem relates
>to that excessive weight of the stone magnets that you have hanging from the

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