Boost or Aye Capt'n we sprung a leak....

maximum at maximum at
Wed Jun 19 15:31:01 EDT 2002

>>I didn't pick up on your supposition, but mine is that your problem relates
>>to that excessive weight of the stone magnets that you have hanging from the

Ah, but Bernie, in true Benz-o-matic fashion I picked up spare stone magnets
before I left my former place of employment for a song along with the anti-magnet
urethane shields... and get this... I got the anti-magnets at cost too...and,
this may be too much for you so sit down Bernie.... I decided that $500+ for
euro lights was not a great investment this year so these lights (which are
actually driving lights) keep me safe at night for about $45.  You may begin
worshipping me now.

Royal aka 20RoT

PS: the supposition is that I'm loosing boost through the "loose" connection to
    the intercooler pipe at the o-ring which didn't appear to be doing it's job...
    thus the wasteful oil mist.... although it is regularly changed Mobil 1 so I
    guess that worship thing is off ;-(

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