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If the ECU senses a mismatch between the timing pin on the flywheel and the
Hall sensor in the distributor , then it will cut boost. This mismatch can
occur due to a cracked or missing tooth on the plastic drive gear of the
stock distributor which allows more rotational error than there should be.
It was a factor at rpm's above 3k in my 200. What you want is a metal drive
gear on the bottom of your distributor. A junkyard unit may very well have
the original plastic gear, but the new ones come with a metal  gear as well
as a new correct narrow rotor.

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> Hey all,
> I must have missed part of the thread...  what part does the distributor
> in obtaining/maintaining full boost?  Is there something physically I
> inspect on mine?  I have noticed that the PO must have replaced it at one
> point, it has those paint markings on it typical of wrecking yards.  Any
> advice welcome.
> TIA,
> Dave
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