A/C Retro Fit?

Johnny Alpha johnnyalpha at beeb.net
Thu Jun 20 19:15:36 EDT 2002

I just picked up a used compressor from a car recycler/scrap yard. I
had to take it off myself, but it only cost GBP5.00 / US$7.50 :-)

Of course, one takes a chance on a used unit, but at $7.50 it's only
a small loss, so long as you test it before fitting & re-filling.


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When my A/C system went south last summer (during a heat wave) I paid a
pretty penny for a R134a system, replacing just about everything in my
old R12 system (dryer, compressor, evaporator, ect) for just under $950.

I would advise to replace the dryer as some preventative maintenance, as
well as making sure the seals, hoses, ect. are all still good.  It will
certainly be less expensive than buying another compressor during July.

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