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Endrődi Gábor Gabo at maffia.hu
Sun Jun 23 00:00:23 EDT 2002

 Hi There,
After the idle problem my 20V started to do strange things. When I
accelerating from 2500 RPM it raising the boost, but suddenly the car
starts to jerk, and the acceleration is terrible. From 1000 RPM I have
to push the acc. pedal well, otherwise it won't accelerating just
jerking and backfireing.
The Fault code I've got sais O2 sensor problem, probaply leaking air
hoses. I 've been searching for the leak but I did not found. There is
another fault code: MAF sensor problem, but it has been there since I
replaced the chip in ECU.

On normal cruise sometimes enough the 0.7-0.8 Bar boost, but now the
minimum is 1-1.1 Bar.

For a few month ago after 1 or 2 cruiseless days the car did the same
in the high RPM area, but from 1000 RPM everithing was OK, and the
next day it has been dissapered.

Please  if anybody has good idea what the matter is, let me know

ps. These days is not mine, because I lost the cap from my wheel, The
A/C compressor has blown, the cruise control vaccum box teared, and
the car is jerking

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