Boost & Revs

maximum at maximum at
Sat Jun 22 17:08:10 EDT 2002

Still tracking down this boost problem...

Got the error code for the air temp sensor again.... I got after it
with a dental pick and brake cleaner since I figured I had nothing
to lose at this point...cleared codes...went for 10 mile drive and
it was back.... but this time I've put 50 miles of all kinds of driving
and am code free...only difference is that it was 80 degrees yesterday
and in the high sixties and low seventies and rainy today.

I am not at all convinced that the air temp sensor was the problem with
me losing boost anyway... although if it was the timing is supposed to
back off and boost is reduced.

It sure looks like the boost problem is related directly to the RPMS...
as boost backs way off at about 3800-4200 RPMS still... so maybe this is
a distributor problem like Dan Simoes is chasing down.  I don't have ANY
problem getting 1.7-1.8 but just can seem to hold on to it after 4 Grand.

Any words of wisdom?

Paul Royal aka 20RoT

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