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> > When you say forward, what direction is that?  Like 9 oclock?
> > Knowing that the Hall sensor is supposed to be at 2oclock is helpful.
> The rotor should be horizontal, pointing toward the front of the car.
> >

has a couple useful pics; distributor with rotor in TDC position, TDC mark on
Audi specs a simple plastic tool that holds the (correct sized) rotor in
position while installing the distributor.

Page was thrown together a couple years ago at the timing-belt-a-thon at my
house in Windham (don't go back, as I've moved)...
Hey, another 60 something on the clock; anyone up for another group of belts
at the end of summer?
Note that this proc has the "use a tranny bolt to hold the crank" method;
Bernie pointed out that this won't work on the 20vt.
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