Infamous Radiator Flange Failure

Joseph VanZeipel vanzeipel at
Sun Jun 23 13:03:11 EDT 2002

Yeah, that's an all-too-familiar feeling for me.  Replaced the radiator
last winter because of the infamous plastic flange.  Quite a story
though, I was just getting ready to go home from college (a good 500
mile drive) when the car went haywire and I had to take it to my
mechanic I just happened to be driving by that day.  I had to be home by
the next day at the latest, so they epoxied the upper hose to what was
left of the flange.  I've never babied the car so much as that drive
home, but it held together well.

Spent most of my vacation looking for the "best fix" and there isn't an
all-metal solution that I found without installing custom flanges for
the aux radiator.  The "best fix" seems to be calling Rod at TPC and
getting another plastic replacement.  It's not too expensive and it
should last another 100k or so.  Oh, and watch out for that upper
radiator hose, it's one of those $120 dealer only parts.

Good luck.
Joseph V., 200q20v 122k

On Saturday, June 22, 2002, at 07:55 PM, Dale McCormack wrote:

> Well it happened to my wife's 20v this AM w/125K.  No warning, simply
> detachment of the upper hose w/partial flange attached and the radiator
> and remaining part of flange.  Reattached the hose to the remaining inch
> or so of plastic, refilled the cooling system (H20 only) and limped
> home.  No failure.   An identical problem happened to my other Type 44
> 1.5 years ago.
> It appear fatigues where the hose clamp attaches and failure is
> inevitable.  Now to search for the current "best fix".
> If your 20v is over 100K, radiator should be on the "to do" list.
> Convenient failure can't be planned upon.
> Happy motoring,
> Dale
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