ok, so do I fix it or not?

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Sun Jun 23 22:01:54 EDT 2002

Thanks for all the replies and comments.

It sounds like things would be OK if I left the dist where it is now.
Assuming I want it to be the "right" way, I think the following will
pretty much get me back to where I should be:

- pop off dist cap
- loosen and remove dist, noting position of rotor and body
- reinsert distributor 180 degrees with rotor also 180 degrees
- reinstall cap
- finetune by rotating
- tighten nut
(the last 2 being the most difficult due to space)

I'd love to remove the aux rad, tb covers, etc and have all that
checked, but I don't have the time or interest.  Maybe I should just
leave it where it is?  From the sounds of the discussion between Bernie,
etc. the distributor position only affects starting, and not the timing
of the engine as it runs, so as long as it starts, I am set.  Correct?

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