Boost & Revs

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at
Sun Jun 23 23:57:01 EDT 2002

>It sure looks like the boost problem is related directly to the RPMS...
>as boost backs way off at about 3800-4200 RPMS still... so maybe this is
>a distributor problem like Dan Simoes is chasing down.  I don't have ANY
>problem getting 1.7-1.8 but just can seem to hold on to it after 4 Grand.

>Any words of wisdom?

>Paul Royal aka 20RoT


I haven't been following this thread but after reading just this, I must say
that my boost falls off after 4k rpms and I always considered it normal.  If
you look at Scott Mockry's website with the graph of boost vs rpm, you can
see that the boost decreases all the way to 1.44 Bar by 7k rpms.  Like I
said I haven't been following this so I may be way off base, but just
something to keep in mind.

--Calvin Craig

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