Radiator Fans in type 44's

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This is a pretty common problem with the 5k/200's <ALL>.  There are 3 speeds
for the radiator fan.  In the 5k, low and 2nd stagefan relays are in the main
fuse board (IMS, 3 &6 respectively), the hi speed fan relay is in the aux
panel under the dash.  The high speed fan relay fails regularly due to heat
and environment.  It is a 70amp low profile relay located between two tall
relays in the aux panel.

To diagnose the relays, with ignition on take the relay out, jump between
15/30 to see if the radiaor fan comes on to it's designated speed.   If it
does, then replace relays with known good (my favorite bentley line).  If
that doesn't solve the problem, you either have a bad resistor pack under the
radiator (rare), or bad wiring to the relay itself (rare).

IME, most radiator fan problems are the 3 stage never comes on, which is what
keeps the needle in the center hashmark range (100c).  IME II, the 2nd & 3rd
stage relays fail regularly, and gives the symptoms you describe.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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Just put in a new rad and fan thermo switch, and I am not sure that the
fan is coming on as it should.  Wlthough I did not psend alot of
attention, seems to me the low fan speed would be triggered at about the
1/2 mark on the temp guage.  Now the gauge can go a fair ways past that
without any fan.  The fan does come on with the AC, so the fan and the
AC relay are OK.

I realize that the dash gauge is somewhat variable, but I'd be curious
to hear from other listers when on their gauge their fans kick in.



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