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> >I was wondering if anyone has run into glowing
> indicator lights... on mine I
> >have constantly glowing (dimly) batt and brake
> lights.  They tend to get
> >brighter as RPM increase.  Also the volt meter
> rarely reads anything over
> >12v, but testing with a volt meter always indicates
> 13.8 - 13.9.
> See:
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The symptoms seem slightly different than the ones
I mentioned in the web page. The fix described on
that page might help, but you may have a different
ground broken. It is not difficult to trace the
out with a continuity meter. Check the resistance
from header ground (see web site) to the
effected circuits.

As far as the volt meter, mine
started reading low 2 years ago, and then
completely stopped working. I don't know why
as I get good voltage at the terminals. I couldn't
remove the meter to examine for a potential fix
as removing just this meter looked difficult,
Some drilling of rivets etc. Is that meter available
as a seperate part for replacement?
I assume the audi part is for the whole mini-cluster.
Has anyone tried this?


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