Voltage Regulator

Dale McCormack Dale at TheMcCormacks.org
Tue Jun 25 09:40:50 EDT 2002

The regulator is integrated into a removeable plate on the rear of the
alternator.  This plate also contains the (replaceable) brushes which
allow current flow to the (spinning) armature of the alternator.  If
you're going "in there", you'll need a stubby flat blade #2 screwdriver
and an offset screwdriver to remove the plate.  No removal or loosening
of the alternator is necessary.

However, before you get that far you'll need to remove 3 (4?) small
bolts which hold the plastic cooling shroud onto the alternator.  These
can be removed from below and the upper one by reaching down (on a cool
engine) from above; quite a PITA.  After the shroud has been removed you
can access the regulator/brushes.  Personally, I didn't replace all the
shroud bolts in order to provide easier access to the regulator if
needed next time.  The shroud is securly attached and has "no place to
go", but not up to Audi engineers' design specs.

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Can someone help me out with a quick question? where is the voltage regulator located? and what are the symptoms of one going out?


Brian Link

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