Pressure Testing / Cover Gasket

Johnny Alpha johnnyalpha at
Tue Jun 25 22:43:12 EDT 2002

I replaced the leaking o-ring on my intercooler at the weekend. I don't know
how badly designed the brackets are on the 200, but on my S2 they are very
thin metal with 2 spot welds each. I cut the brackets off, and as I was
pressed for time welded them back on (I would have preferred to make some
new/stronger ones) in slightly different positions to get the I/C push-fit
connection as tight & straight as it can go.

This evening I pressurised the inlet up to 12 psi with a compressor. The 6
month old oil filler cap starts blowing by at 10psi and around this time the
#3 spark plug hole starts blowing. A couple of the F5DPORs were loose,
including #3, but the air leak is from the cylinder head cover gasket.

Is there anything to watch out for when changing this gasket? I don't have a
Bentley, as there isn't one available for the S2. I would appreciate any



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