who wants Bilstein HDs

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Upper bearings are not able to be accessed later without disassembling the
strut.  At $18 each, they are cheap insurance (sorry Bernie but the cost of
doing it a second time makes this cost effective).  Usually they aren't
needed.  The upper mounts can be changed later and only require a
realignment.  At $50 each they aren't worth it unless there are obvious
signs of cracks in the rubber.  You can't use bump stops or boots on
Bilsteins as they don't fit at all.  The shaft is too big and they aren't
needed by design of the Bilsteins.  Actually the shocks are built upside
down internally, so there is no need for a boot and there are internal bump

So get bearings, check mounts and forget the rest.  BTDT

Dave Freed  '93 S4, '91 200 TQA

If your looking for more people for a Bilstein GP then this should be
forwarded to the S-Car list also.  The shocks are the same part numbers
unless they want Sport shocks.

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I hope I don't start coming off too anti Blau, because they do provide some
good things, but I do question there upselling tactics, especially with
consideration to there vested interest in such affairs.

To me (my disclaimer) replacing strut bearings makes sense, especially if
there's unknown mileage or there's clunking.  The only reason I can think of
to change the mount is so as to replace the rubber bushing at the top
especially at the price (I think $100 per side?).  Somebody can correct me
on this, but wonder what the amount of stress this receives esp. with
relation to the amount of deflection.  I think bump stops aren't really
utilized all that much (ie when was the last time you bottomed out) so...
and the boots maybe replace if torn.

Just my opinion.

Derek "man I'm starting to sound a lot like BB" Pulvino

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Just let me know the details when you need them and I will send you the
money and addresses.  thanks-Josh

Any chance we could get the extras too in the buy like the strut mounts,
strut bearings stops and boots?  I know Blau recommends changing them when
you replace the shocks.  Or is this asking too much?

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