who wants Bilstein HDs

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The 1991 200 has a forged upper mount, hence the price difference.


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>> I'm confused by all of this-
>> When I called up The Parts Connection as well as a couple other places,
>> I was told that
>> the upper strut bearings were dealer-only and something like $300 each.
>> My mechanic
>> confirmed the same.
>Absolutely rediculous and definitely a communication problem.  Not even my
>Dealer would charge those prices!
>You can check out the thepartsbin.com catalog and they're at $23 ea and I'm
>sure Ron at The Parts Connection would be comparable.  Must be another part.
>> Are you all running G60 struts or what?
>> Apparently, the UFO 200q20v uses a unique upper strut mount that costs
>> exponentially
>> more than the other type 44s.
>> If this is _not_ the case, any ideas on why I was told this? Obviously,
>> a parts seller
>> would want to make the sale if he/she could, right? I don't see why they
>> would not sell
>> me the part if they had it. Where are you all getting these parts for
>> that little?
>> Taka
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